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The main question that inspired us to dive into the art of candle creation is how to smell the candle when buying it online? The experience shows that it's tricky - you can trust only the appearance and the description of the candle.

Not anymore. You can smell the candles before buying them, simply by getting the samples of our scents. This way, you can decide if you want to spend money on our candles or think a bit more before making the final decision.

The sample pack is coming to you in the envelope, and to smell the scent, simply rub the wax with your finger, and you'll feel the strong smell representing our signature candles.

With the scents, you will be given a 20% discount code which you can use on your first order.

*Maximum one sample pack per order!

scent glossary

  • you select

    You have full control of the primary and secondary scents, and then you can name your unique candle.

  • we make

    Our team will create your custom candle based on your selection, and individually craft it.

  • you enjoy

    Your candle(s) are delivered right to your door. Enjoy your customized candle!