behind the brand

behind the brand

Candle making art is one of the things that inspires us. It started with a candle obsession - we wanted to discover more new scents, and we became so into it, which led us to an idea - what if we can create our own scents for other people to start loving candles as we do?

We both share love to candles, and after a quick thought, we decided to create Ossa Candles. The idea of such minimalistic design came from our love to simplicity - being able to fit everywhere but differ at the same time - that's what was the main goal to reach. Ossa contains all passions of ours: candle making, sustainability, creativity, marketing, and, of course, entrepreneurship. We wanted to create a brand, combining both beauty and sustainability, and we hope you will join us in this journey.

Countless hours on market researching, choosing sustainable materials, scents testing have led to this brand - delicious, minimalistic and aesthetic addition to the cosiness of your home. 

We use eco-friendly wicks and soy wax, our packaging is 100% recyclable, we ensure buying our candles has no negative impact on the environment. When we make our candles, we make them as precise as we can and in small batches, this way there is no waste and each candle is as perfect as can be!

We appreciate your support so much! If you would like to get in contact with us about any matter, reach out to us at or simply our DM’s. We are always there for you!

- A & J

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